What’s the Difference Between A Managed Repair Program and a TPA?

In the past, many insurance companies sponsored a managed repair program. State Farm had its Preferred Service Provider program, American Family had its Home Repair Program, and so on.

A contractor could apply directly to the insurance company and, if approved, would be added to their list as a preferred vendors/contractors. Those were excellent programs, and each one led to a substantial uptick in work volume.

Fast forward to the present day, and we find that there are NO/ZERO insurance company managed repair programs in play. Nearly every insurance company you can name has discovered the value of outsourcing their claims management to a Third Party.

For example, If you want to work for USAA, Nationwide, or Metlife, you have to get on the Contractor Connection program to get their work.

But this is actually excellent news for restoration contractors.

Rather than going one by one to each insurance company that sponsors a managed repair program, you can go to a single TPA who manages work for a dozen or more carriers. Each one affords access for contractors to all their carrier clients. Altogether that access could be to 10, 20, or more insurance companies through a single TPA referral source. TREMENDOUS!

I recently helped one contractor get activated on the Contractor Connection program who got added to 26 insurance companies right out of the gate

The nine National TPAs have more work to parcel out to their network contractors than any other source available to restoration contractors.

Isn’t it time for you to gain the benefit of their volume of work?

I tell contractors all the time that getting on these attractive high volume progr6ams is SIMPLE, but NOT EASY.

The simple part is meeting the requirements. None are extraordinary. Each one is an industry-standard, so most companies have no problem meeting them.

The hard p[art is navigating the process. Contractors say the wrong thing, do the wrong thing, and run up against roadblocks, and they don’t know how to work around it. Soon they are declined. After one or two of these, most contractors give up and return to compete against the many contractors in their area for the attention of agents, plumbers, and internet marketing. They forfeit their most significant opportunity to grow because they don’t know how to get to the finish line.

I DO know how to get you to that point. I did it as a contractor who was active on thirty of these programs, and I have helped hundreds of contractors get on these programs. I CAN HELP YOU TOO!

No other consultant in our industry has a better track record than I at helping restoration contractors grow their businesses. CALL ME and allow me to help you!

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