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The Restoration Entrepreneur is here to educate, support, encourage, inspire and motivate business owners to excel. We open their minds to plans of action and options that will take their businesses positively forward in ways never believed possible! We bring clarity to the priorities, strategies and opportunities within your business or role to help you achieve tangible goals.

Growing an existing million-dollar Restoration Business…

Our restoration business coaching team has combined restoration experience of over 100 years. Let us help you scale, grow and hire. We will help you staff your business, and position you for success. We have canned and custom solutions for unimaginable net profit growth.

Starting a Restoration Business…

We help new or small companies build the multi-million dollar business you dream of having. Our small business growth coaches help you gain a firm foothold in the restoration, construction and remodeling markets and help you significantly increase revenue and net profit.

Time Problems

It feels like you are busy all the time, but you are not making any progress.  You feel disorganized, like things are slipping. You know you should create systems and streamline processes, but you are too busy putting out fires. We have proven systems that will ensure your success.

Team Problems

You cannot seem to hire the right people. Sometimes it seems like it would be easier to do the work yourself than manage your employees. Yet you know you need people to expand and make your business profitable. Hiring the wrong candidate can be catastrophic, however, we can tailor an estimating/PM process to ensure longevity.

Money Problems

Spending sleepless nights worried about cash flow and making payroll. No matter how much is coming in, does it seem that it is never enough?  Most restoration companies on average see 70% of their jobs exceed 60 days on the AR. Let us show you how to collect your receivables more quickly and efficiently by tailoring the right processes for your business.

All of this leads to confusion and frustration: what am I doing wrong?

In our experience of over 30 years as business owners and entrepreneurs, the problem boils down to your people, your processes or a combination of the two.

Lack of Knowledge and Training – for REAL- LIFE Business and its challenges

You lack some knowledge on Navigating through TPA networks/requirements. You might lack training on breaking down an Xactimate scope and limiting your ability to achieve maximum profit margins.  

This leads to problems with managing time and money, developing business systems, and, of course, sales and marketing. Without proper cash flow and business processes, growth will be hard to achieve. However, with The Restoration Entrepreneur’s proven track record and industry knowledge will help you exceed expectations.

Inexperience in leading a team.

You have spent so much time and effort to learn about the service or product your business provides, now is the time to develop your leadership, delegation, recruiting and training skills. However, most new owners have trouble recognizing top level talent.

If you want a better team, now is the time to grow YOUR skills so that you can get and keep better people to make your business flourish.

Are You Ready to Grow Your Restoration Business?

The Restoration Entrepreneur is a leading restoration business coaching company with more than 30 years of experience. We have developed a tailored approach to helping dynamic and ambitious first-time small business entrepreneurs and fresh graduates who wish to go into business achieve faster growth, greater profits, and live the lifestyle they want.

All that we have learned has evolved into a complete, proven support system to help you transform your business and achieve new levels of freedom and success.

Most new business owners learn by doing and often find they learn by making mistakes- which sometime can be fatal to the organization. Our restoration business coaching company’s proven systems have passed the test of time and therefore we have made all the mistakes… so you do not have to repeat them!

At the Restoration Entrepreneur, we will create a plan for your restoration business’ growth and success. We will get to know you and your business and empower you through group or personal, one-on-one guidance to help push you to achieve your business goals and meet your business’s needs.

We Provide Solutions to Your Business Challenges!

Owning your own restoration business can be overwhelming and complicated, or it can be a dream come true. Our professional restoration business coaching services can help redefine your business vision and dreams and develop a plan of action to make them a reality. We bring an expert knowledge base of construction, employee recruitment and TPA programs to ensure your success right out of the gate.

Different types of businesses require different sets of skills and expertise to succeed. Our restoration business coaching can be beneficial to any size business owners, anybody starting out regardless of previous business experience – we keep things simple!

Book a free call with our small business growth coaches today to discuss simple things you can do to achieve meaningful success that you truly deserve and desire.

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