Increase Your Restoration Company’s POMS Score and Get More Work!

Are you a restoration entrepreneur with solid growth and a lot of TPA business? If so, your success can be attributed to two key factors: your hard work and the right metrics. But what if you’re not getting the work that you want because of your POMS score? Don’t worry – we wrote the book on obtaining more work from programs, and we can help you and your team with scoring and metrics. There are also other ways to increase your POMS score that don’t involve raising it directly. Through our programs, we show you a “value add” perspective that YOU can use to increase assignment count outside of just reviewing POMS scores.

What is the POMS Score?

The POMS (Performance Outcomes Measurement System) Score was developed by insurance companies to measure the performance of vendors in many areas, such as response time, billing accuracy, customer service quality, etc. The higher your score, the more likely insurance companies are to give you more assignments. This is why it’s so important for restoration entrepreneurs to maintain high POMS scores.

Avoid Shortfalls That Limit Assignment Counts

One way to increase your POMS score is by avoiding shortfalls that may be limiting the assignment count. Depending on which shortfalls apply to your business, there may be one or more areas where improvement can be made. For example, if you are responsible for responding quickly but have been slow in doing so lately, then this could be causing a decrease in assignment counts due to a low POMS score. The solution here would be to make sure that all response times are being met consistently in order to raise your score back up again. Other shortfalls might include inaccurate billing or poor customer service quality. Whatever it is, making sure these issues are resolved will help improve your performance and get more assignments from insurance companies who have an eye on those metrics when assigning out work orders.

Focus on “Value-Added” Services

Another way of increasing your POMS score is by focusing on “value-added” services outside of just reviewing scores themselves. For example, some companies might offer additional services such as job site inspections or online estimates for customers for no extra cost – something that could give them an edge over their competition in terms of customer satisfaction and value-added services offered. By providing these services proactively before they even ask for them, customers will appreciate this added benefit and remember it when they go to assign future jobs again – resulting in higher assignment counts due to better customer satisfaction ratings overall!


Increasing your restoration company’s POMS score doesn’t have to be a daunting task; with our programs and guidance, we can teach you how best to get more assignments from insurance companies without having to raise the actual score itself. Focusing on avoiding shortfalls that limit assignment count as well as offering value-add services like job site inspections or online estimates can help boost customer satisfaction ratings—and ultimately lead to higher assignment counts due to better customer reviews overall! With our team at hand every step of the way helping guide you through any obstacles along the way, rest assured that our systems will help get your business back up on its feet again – so go ahead and contact us today!

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