What Does It Take to Qualify to Become a TPA Contractor?

Posted by The Restoration Entrepreneur

Nearly every contractor has tried at one time or another to become active on TPA programs, and most are unsuccessful. It’s not that the requirements are so intimidating – they’re not!

There is nothing extraordinary or surprising on the list of requirements. Insurance companies and the TPAs that represent them require that companies who receive work from them meet the basic and standard requirements of our industry. So why do most contractors fail to get approved? It’s the process man, it’s the process! That’s right … it is the process that leads to most declines. The contractor fails to complete the application in full, they answer questions incorrectly, they don’t understand what is being asked, they don’t have the right company financial statements … they just make mistakes.

Contractors run into roadblocks and trip hazards and don’t know how to work through or around them successfully. Nearly every contractor COULD meet these requirements and COULD be approved. If you want in, it is highly likely that you can make it. Perhaps ALL you need is someone to help you navigate the process successfully.

Reference: The Revenue Generator – The Ultimate Revenue Booster for Your Business Sales Growth

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