How to Organize a Restoration Company Startup

Every full-service restoration company is structured the same.

There are four divisions:

  • Mitigation Division
  • Rebuild Division
  • Sales Division
  • Administration Division


The mitigation division has these positions:

  • Mitigation Manager is needed once there are three field technicians. The mitigation manager dispatches, trains, inspects the job site, is the chief technical advisor, and may prepare the invoice of charges.
  • Mitigation Technician – performs the work of water mitigation, mold remediation, and fire cleanup and odor control.


The rebuild division is comprised of:

  • Construction Manager is responsible for the entirety of the rebuild and roofing services and all personnel and activities involved.
  • Construction Coordinator provides the administrative duties for the division.
  • Construction Estimator writes the scope of repair for rebuild and roofing work.
  • Project Manager oversees the job site work, including subcontractors, once the work begins.


  • Direct Sales are staff involved in face to face marketing to insurance agents, plumbers, property managers, and commercial contacts.
  • Social Media marketing may be provided in house or by contracted services.


  • Customer Service Representative to answer phones, do new job intake, provide administrative support to other Divisions, AP and AR data input, collections, and more.

For most restoration startups, the owner initially serves as both General Manager and Construction Manager.

The order of hiring is commonly:

  • Mitigation Technician
  • Administrative Assistant
  • Mitigation Technician (second)
  • Construction Professional

For those companies that can hire a construction manager at the launch grow faster than those that require the owner to serve in that role.

Below are the postings of the How to Start a Restoration Company Series. I hope together they will answer most of the critical questions you have. Afterward – give me a call, and let’s talk about how to put it all together! Click on the title to view.

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