What’s FCC AV, and How Do You Make Money On It?

FCC AV is the Xactmate code for Floor Covering Carpet Average Grade.

It’s important because it’s the grade of carpet installed in 80% of US households.

In Chicago, Xactimate pays $21.98 per SY and in San Diego $22.52 for FCC AV.

What if you could buy this carpet for $10.99 a SY? That would produce huge savings for you!

In Boston, you are paid $2,502 for 1,000 square feet of carpet. What if you could buy that carpet for $1,221.11 and make a 51% profit? That’d be great!

Since flooring is the single largest item on most repair bills and water damage frequently results in flooring replacement, this savings would make you a lot of money over time.

You won’t get that savings sending your customers to Home Depot or Lowes, where they spend every nickel and more of their allowance.

You can make this profit by taking the showroom to your customer with selection boards from Home Carpet Industries, the Shaw Industries wholesale distributor to the Restoration Industry.

Call Scott Cunningham at 800.542.3226 to set up an account. Purchase the Restoration IV and Innovations Series, and mention ENTREPRENEUR for a discount on the Series purchase.

Then get ready to make big money on flooring on every job, every time!

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