Where to Find More Work for Your Remodeling Business

Remodelers remodel. The problem is that in the age of Coronavirus, no one wants to remodel. So what’s a remodeler to do?

I have written many times about how remodelers can make money in the insurance industry. Make $1 million? Yes, you can!

But in addition to the interior, exterior, fire rebuilds, large losses, and roofing that you can be doing in the insurance industry, there are other opportunities available to you.

Government Agencies

Would you like to do work for homeowners who receive grants from:

  • Veterans Administration provides $7,000 and $70,000 grants to Disabled American Veterans who then need a GC to do the work
  • Medicaid grants homeowners $10,000 to make accessibility modifications to their homes

Fire Services

Fire Department statistics showed in my city of Colorado Springs with its 600,000 population that 360 structure fires occurred the previous year. Completing five fire rebuilds will produce a minimum of $1 million in revenue.

Where can you earn $1 million in revenue?

  • Insurance work
  • Government work
  • Fire work

That’s a lot of opportunity!

Have I peaked your interest? Contact me at https://www.growmyrestorationbusiness.com/contact-us

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