Why Aren’t You Marketing Insurance Agents?

Posted by The Restoration Entrepreneur

If you’re not, I don’t blame you! There were days when I boasted of a single insurance agent bringing me over $300,000 of work a year, year after year. Those days are gone for most of us. Why?

1) Insurance agents don’t see the value of getting involved in the claims process. They write insurance policies, don’t they?

2) They are instructed to “stay out” of the claims process.

3) They are told NOT to make personal referrals.

4) They are instructed to send all claims through channels. This means to the Claims Center, and then on to the company’s TPA.

5) They don’t like being marketed by contractors with candy, pens, and magnets who interrupt their day and staff unannounced.

6) IF, they make referrals, they already have a contractor to whom they refer.

7) You have to compete against all the other contractors doing the very same thing.

8) It takes a lot of time to convert a new relationship into a referral relationship.

9) Who’s going to market insurance agents? The owner? Who has that time? One needs a dedicated person to do it, and that costs a lot of money. It looks like there are many reasons to NOT market agents.

Reference: The Revenue Generator – The Ultimate Revenue Booster for Your Business Sales Growth

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