5 Star Review

I just have to share this with you!

Here is a 5-star review given by a former client contractor. It is just too good to not share with others.

Easily one of the BEST investments (business or personal) that I’ve Ever made!! For several years, my revenue line leveled off and I felt stuck. In 2017, I stumbled across Jack’s name via online chat. I gathered the courage to call him and was immediately blown away by his knowledge of the restoration and construction industry. Made the decision to invest in myself and my business by signing up for his coaching program.

At the end of my nine months, I had 1. Made industry connections that immediately increased my business by 40%. 2. Utilized his advice during coaching that saved me from a six-figure mistake with a customer that I was already working with and 3. Successfully added construction services to my service offerings.

He is results-oriented which makes me one of his biggest fans. 🙂

My 2018 revenue almost doubled my 2017 revenue!!! Enough said.

Thank you, Jerome!!! I am grateful for the wonderful endorsement, and your great results!!

Why don’t you call me today for a FREE 30-minute Consultation and let’s talk about becoming full-service, or improving your existing rebuild services? I know exactly what to do to start a rebuild division, and exactly what to do to help you improve one. https://www.growmyrestorationbusiness.com/contact-us

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